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Self-study “Book Recommendations for speeding up your progress”

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Without a proper way of doing it, self-study could be a difficult task. Procrastination, losing motivation, no progression…

Here, we have some book recommendations for anyone who plans to do self-learning but facing those problems. Useful online learning resources which are supported by Nagoya University Library are also included!

Let’s speed up the efficiency of self-study!

1. Getting things done: the art of stress-free productivity

Getting things done is the best book for you to get rid of the feelings of anxiety, confusion and being overwhelmed with work. A must read for lifetime results.

2. Study skills: a student survival guide

This easy-to-use guide on study skills is designed for PhD science students. It covers the skills you need to progress successfully through your academic life, such as time management, organization and communication skills. 

 3. Essential study skills: the complete guide to success at university

Packed with study tips and handy activities, this proven guide shows you step-by-step how to study effectively and make the best of your time. It covers study techniques, creative strategies, communication skills and other essential skills to help you get ahead.

4. Asking the right questions

This book can help you to form the most important and useful skill – critical thinking. When you encounter controversial opinions while doing self-study, what should you do and how should you think? The critical questions stressed in this book can enhance your growth of knowledge in general and helps you better discover the way the world is, how it could be better understood, and how we can make it a better world.

5. Useful online learning resources

Nagoya University Library has contracted with 12 databases which provide e-books for reference and 29 databases which provide e-books for read, available in English, Japanese and European language. Furthermore, it is very convenient since remote access services are available to any current members of Nagoya University. You can get access to these resources no matter when, and where!

Here, we introduce some of the most useful databases which cover a wide range of subjects with high quality contents.

 1. Oxford Scholarship Online

Oxford Scholarship Online offers access to thousands of academic works from the celebrated scholarly list of Oxford University Press, covering subjects across the humanities, social sciences, sciences, medicine, and law. It provides 16,000+ books, from 20 subject modules and 370+ subdisciplines, updates 12 times a year.


 2. Cambridge Books Online

Cambridge University Press publishes a wide range of research monographs, academic reference, textbooks, books for professionals, and large numbers of books aimed at graduate students. We publish more than 30,000 ebooks for the global market, with 1,500 new titles added on average each year alongside our print publications.

 3. Maruzen eBook Library

Maruzen eBook Library provides academic books mainly in Japanese. It covers subjects across the social sciences, sciences, medicine and life science. Language learning books for the TOEIC test and Japanese are also available.

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