TOP What is the Learning Commons?

What is the Learning Commons?

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Nagoya University Central Library Learning Commons is an innovative study space aiming to support autonomous learning and to give an incentive for knowledge creation.

Purposes of the Learning Commons

The Learning Commons aims to offer students the following study environment:

  • A space for comprehensive study methods with full employment of collaborative studies and information technology provided by the Library intelligence infrastructure.
  • Support staff to help the students develop and learn about information literacy.
  • A chance to obtain information regarding academic and non-academic campus life.

Communicative learning environment

The Learning Commons is a designated space in the Library for discussions and mutual teaching. There are desks and chairs which can be arranged freely to meet the students’ needs.

Note: The third and fourth floors are reserved for quiet study. Please keep quiet on these floors.

An equipped IT environment for information collection and learning

There are 66 computers in the Learning Commons that are connected to the Information Media Studies System network and has the same functions as those in the Satellite PC Labs. Students can also bring in their own computers and access the Internet through the wireless LAN.

Learning assistance by the support staff

The staff at the Support Desk helps the students with their studies from information and material retrieval to report writing. They will answer any questions concerning IT, studies, report writing, or using the library. Support in English and Chinese are available as well.

Information available for international students

Overseas satellite broadcast programs, provides news and other information from overseas, and there are lectures given by foreign support staff to support international students.

Peer supporters

University student staff at the Peer Support Corner help students with problems in campus life by seeking answers and providing advice.