TOPEventLet’s talk in English!

Let’s talk in English!

 Come chat in English with Support Staff and improve your spoken English!
Beginners to intermediate level speakers welcome!

  • For : All students of Nagoya University
  • At : Learning pod B (Central Library 3F)
  • Reservation : NOT required
  • Date :
    • November  5 (Tue)  16:30-18:00
    • November 18 (Mon)  16:30-18:00
    • December  5 (Thu)  16:30-18:00
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日本語で話そう!(Let’s talk in Japanese)

Come join the “日本語で話そう!” workshop!

The workshop is organized by the Central Library’s support staffs, aimed at improving Japanese skills for all students.

Participation is open to all eager to learn the language, or interested in the topics of discussion.

  • For : All students of Nagoya University 
  • At :   Learning Pod B (Central Library 3F)
  • Date :
    • November   7(Thu)   16:30-17:15
    • November 27(Wed)  16:30-17:15
  • Reservation : NOT required
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  • 地点 : Learning Pod B (中央图书馆3楼)
  • 时间 :
    • November  8 (Fri)  16:30-17:30
    • November 11(Mon) 16:30-17:30
    • November 14(Thu) 16:30-17:30
  • 言語 : 中文
  • 講師 : 大学院生サポートスタッフ
  • 无需预约
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[讲座] 各种讲座学术论文的查找方法(中文)


  • 对象 : 留学生,特别是新入学的留学生
  • 时间 :
    • October 21(Mon) 16:30-18:00
    • October 25(Fri)   16:30-18:00
    • October 31(Thu) 16:30-18:00
  • 地点 : Seminar Room A (中央图书馆2楼)
  • 预约 : 网络形式 
  • 由于该讲座包含使用电脑进行实践,需要名古屋大学的个人账号和密码。因此,在参加讲座之前,
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[Training Course] How to Search for Scholarly Articles (in English)

In this course, you learn how to search for scholarly articles and use e-resources(E-journals, databases) efficiently.

  • For : International students, especially for newcomers to Nagoya University
  • Date :
    • October 23(Wed) 16:30-18:00
    • October 29(Tue)  16:30-18:00
  • Place : Seminar Room A (2F in Central Library)
  • Reservation : Web Form 
  • This course contains practice with PC. To use PCs in the library, NAGOYA UNIVERSITY ID and PASSWORD is required. Before joining to Training Courses, please get NAGOYA UNIVERSITY ID & PASSWORD, and complete the procedures to login to Satellite PC Labs.
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Let’s Use the Corner for Books on Writing and the Support Desk !

。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。 ★。+゚☆゚+。☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。 ★。+゚☆゚+。

【Corner for Books on Writing】

Would you like to try reading a book on Writing before you start writing a report or a paper and feeling at lost about how and what to write? There are lots of useful books ranging from the basics of paper writing, referencing, presentation tips and so on.

  • “How should I write a class report?”
  • “My Professor said that the theme is too wide, but I don’t know how to narrow it down.”
  • “Anxious whether I should refer to a research proposal writing guide found on the internet.”

Those who feel uneasy to inquire from the Professor at the moment, or those who want to improve the quality of a report or an article further, please look into the Corner for Books on Writing. You will certainly find a useful book!


We also display books tailored by project. Please check the corner.


You cannot borrow books kept in this corner. However, the same books could be found in the Books for Undergraduates section (3F) and the Language Learning Materials Corner (2F). You are free to borrow them.

。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。 ★。+゚☆゚+。☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。 ★。+゚☆゚+。

【Support Desk】

The Support Desk next to the Corner for Books on Writing is open from 3:00-7:00 p.m. on weekdays. The Support Staff(Graduate Students) also offer counseling on using books on writing. (It is possible to correspond in Japanese and Chinese.)

  • Writing Support
  • Support on Bibliographic Search and Using the Library
  • Study Counseling for Each Field of Study
  • IT Support

People who want to consult, please feel free to talk to the Support Staff directly☆


During spring and autumn, we hold guidance sessions which are useful for writing reports and collecting materials. We have posters and leaflets on the workshops available at the Support Desk and at the corner for Books on Writing. Please feel free to join us if you find these guidance sessions interesting and useful.

。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。 ★。+゚☆゚+。☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。 ★。+゚☆゚+。

【Booklog at the“Nagoya University Library Support Desk” updates regularly!】

We mainly introduce Books on Writing selected and recommended by the Support Staff. We will also inform you about what we used at our workshops. Please do check them leisurely.

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。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。 ★。+゚☆゚+。☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。★。+゚☆゚+。 ★。+゚☆゚+。

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