TOPEventLet’s Talk in English!

Let’s Talk in English!

 All undergraduate and graduate students of Nagoya University and Gifu University.
◇定員/Capacity:8 people (first-come-first-served basis)
◇講師/Instructor:サポートデスク 大学院生スタッフ/Graduate Student Support Staff
【テーマトーク編/’Small Talk’】
This is an event where you can talk about a theme, play simple language games, and casually chat in English.

◇テーマ/Theme:好きなドラマ・映画/ Favorite TV series & movie
◇日時/Date:June 20 (thu), 2024, 16:30-17:15
◇場所/Place:NEOREX Pods A (3F in Central Library)
英語スタッフと参加者が Minecraft の世界で会話を楽しむイベントです。
Minecraft がはじめての方はどんどん英語で質問しましょう!経験者は仲間に説明して会話力をどんどん UP させましょう!
Join us for a fun event where English-speaking staff and the participants can chat in English while enjoying the world of Minecraft.
If you’re new to Minecraft, ask your questions in English, and if you’re an experienced Minecraft player, explain the game to other participants and improve your conversation skills!
 Explanation of basic controls, gathering materials to make tools, building things, setting goals and challenging missions according to the participants’ needs.
◇日時/Date:June 27 (thu), 2024, 16:30-17:15
◇場所/Place:NEOREX Pods A (3F in Central Library)

◇詳細/more info.:

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