TOPEventスタッフ募集中 / Recruiting staffs now

スタッフ募集中 / Recruiting staffs now

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We are now recruiting Learning Commons staff. (Japanese-language staff/Chinese-language staff)
Please check the job offer here (in Japanese).

カテゴリー: past events, 過去のイベント パーマリンク

让我们一起说中文吧! (Let’s Talk in Chinese!)

テーマトーク編/’Small Talk’

This is an event where you can talk about a theme, play simple language games, and casually chat in Chinese.
◇Theme:好きな動物/Favorite animal
◇Date:February 5 (mon), 2024, 16:30-17:15
◇Host:サポートデスク 大学院生スタッフ/
    Support Desk Graduate Student Staff
    All undergraduate and graduate students, faculty of Nagoya University and Gifu University

カテゴリー: past events, 過去のイベント パーマリンク