TOPEventLet’s Talk in English!

Let’s Talk in English!


Do you want to speak English but have no opportunity?
Would you like to practice speaking English with International Student Staff?

カテゴリー: past events, 過去のイベント パーマリンク

让我们一起说中文吧! Let’s Talk in Chinese!


Are you eagering for practicing Chinese but have no opportunity?
Join us and practice with International Student Staff!

カテゴリー: past events, 過去のイベント パーマリンク

日本語で話そう! Let’s Talk in Japanese!

A Japanese conversation workshop organized by the Graduate Student Support Staff.
To international students who are learning Japanese, would you like to talk about familiar themes and play games in Japanese with our Support Staff?


カテゴリー: past events, 過去のイベント パーマリンク