TOPEvent[Original work recruitment]  Now accepting! !!

[Original work recruitment]  Now accepting! !!

To members in clubs of Nagoya University! Let’s welcome new students together!
Would you like to make digital meeting background / wallpaper?

The Central Library Support Desk will hold an event “Central Library Quiz Rally 2021 Autumn” for students enrolled in the fall of October 2020. We plan to present digital works that can be used for wallpaper of smartphone, screens and web meeting to those who complete the quiz rally.

Therefore, we are looking for original works that will be used as gifts!!
If you have photos of the campus that are suitable for using as web meeting backgrounds, or wallpapers that will healing feel during studies, please apply through the club units.

Let’s welcome and support the new students to start their research and learning through quiz rally.
If you participate, the digital work and club introduction will be posted in the Group Learning Area of the Central Library.

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Deadline: September 5, 2021 (Sun)

Recruiting works: Original pictures
* Please apply for one or more of any of the works in the specified size.
  We accept the same design in multiple sizes.
 ・For smartphones (1170 x 2532 pixels)
 ・For tablets (1640 x 2360 pixels)
 ・For PC (4032 x 3024 pixels)

Precautions about the work:
 ・Multiple entries can be submitted from one group (posted on the web / posted in library)
 ・Please confirm the copyright of the materials used in the work in advance.
 ・Your work will be used only for the event.
 ・If there are a large number of submitted works, the size may be reduced when posting.

Application method: Twitter message
 Please use your club account to send a message to support desk account with in the following information.
 We will inform you the details of the application by message.
 Our Twitter account: @NagoyaUnivLibSD Nagoya University Library Support Desk
 ・Club name
 ・Representative name, affiliation, grade
 ・Contact: Representative email

Request to recruiting clubs
 ・During the event, the work, the name of the recruiting club, and the Twitter account (home screen and connection QR code) will be posted in the hall.
 ・Only group recruitment is allowed. Please retweet the activity during the quiz rally.
  In addition, the quiz rally will be an event for only in-campus participants.
 ・Please retweet the Quiz Rally tweet during the event.

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