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Learning Support Strengthening Week on Library Online Consultation

Limited time !!! From the Support Desk, Graduate Student Staff are providing “Library Online Consultationin three languages, English, Chinese, and Japanese.
Learning support in preparation for regular exams by Graduate Student Staff !
 ”Can’t access to the paper/material/literature when learning from home.”
 ”Wish to have a look at the appearance of report.”
 ”Wish to have a chance to practice of presentation”
Please feel free to consult any problems you may have through Library Online Consultation.
We also accept consultations on document retrieval with Library Staff(Only in Japanese).
(Depending on the supported language and the content of the question, we may inform you on another day.)

  • Target: Undergraduate and graduate students of Nagoya University
     Anyone who belongs to Nagoya University can participate.
  • Dates: July 12th (Monday) -August 6th (Friday), 2021
    Time: 15: 15-17: 00 (up to 30 minutes per person)
    ※ In case of the change of the date and time, we will notify you by Support Desk Twitter
  • Method: via Zoom
  • Counselor: Graduate Student Support Staff
  • Language: Japanese, Chinese, English
  • Capacity: 1 person at a time, up to 30 minutes
  • How to Use
    • Access here from your browser and follow the on-screen instructions to launch the Zoom app.
    • Enter 4-digits month and date in the Passcode column (eg: Jun 1st, 0601) to join the meeting.
    • Enter your affiliation and name in the Name column (eg: School of Science, Taro MEIDAI).
    • Wait for guidance from the staff to start the meeting.
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