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Let’s Talk in!

Let’s Talk in English!
让我们一起说中文吧! (中国語で話そう!/Let’s Talk in Chinese!)
日本語で話そう! (Let’s Talk in Japanese!)


A language practice workshop organized by the support desk will be held online during the summer vacation.
Would you like to practice conversation with the Graduate Student Support Staff in Japanese/English/Chinese?
Recommend for those who want to practice but don’t have the opportunity.

* For detail information, please check the announcement in each language published later.

対象 : 名古屋大学の学部生・大学院生
期間 : 8月23日(月)~9月3日(金)(各言語2回開催)
方法 : Zoom
定員 : 各回 7名(先着順)
進行 : 大学院生サポートスタッフ

Target : Nagoya University undergraduate and graduate students
Period : August 23 (Mon) -September 3 (Fri) (Workshop in each language will be held twice)
Method : via Zoom
Capacity : 7 people each time (first-come-first-served basis)
Host : Graduate student Support staff

※ Zoomでの会話に対応したパソコン・タブレット等の端末と、インターネット環境を事前にご準備ください。
* Please prepare a terminal (eg: PC, tablet, etc) available for Zoom conversation and an Internet environment in advance.

カテゴリー: past events, 過去のイベント パーマリンク